5 Essential Graphic Designing Skills You Must Have

5 Essential Graphic Designing Skills You Must Have


Graphic designing skills are in demand for creative people who prefer using the right side of their brains. Graphic designing is the practice of organising and composing the visual components of a project. Graphic designing includes a variety of activities, such as designing a play poster, a magazine layout, and product packaging. However, one needs the right skill set to have a flourishing vocation in graphic design. So in order to know more about the essential skills important for graphic designing, read further.

Which course to pursue to be a graphic designer?

In order to be a graphic designer, you must pursue a BDes degree course. BDes is an undergraduate-level course of 4-years for graphic designing that you can pursue after you clear your 10+2 examinations with a minimum of 50% marks from any of the recognised boards. Average yearly fees for this course range from INR 3 Lakhs to INR 10 Lakhs.

Essential Graphic Designing skills that One must have

Key skills needed for graphic design are as follows-

1. Communication

A design’s success depends on its ability to satisfy the needs of its audience. However, “most people don’t understand how to talk to their clients in today’s world, where just about everyone is so focused on their phones and other digital devices,” says Jankowski. You will therefore have a major edge if you can effectively listen, digest criticism, and explain design elements without getting too technical.

2. Coding

Although most graphic design jobs don’t require you to be an expert coder, having a basic knowledge of HTML is crucial because it teaches you how to comprehend the effort that goes into building a website. You will become even more employable by being familiar with the foundations of C++ and Java.

3. Typography

As per to Jankowski, writing legibility and aesthetic appeal are the two things that are more essential today than they ever were. Nowadays, anyone can access any type of font online. Still, a designer who has had extensive training and is familiar with the creation and application of typefaces will be more successful.

4. Creativity

It is one of the most crucial graphic design skills that you should have. After all, it can be challenging to generate original concepts and ground-breaking designs in case you don’t understand how to access your creative faculties. Having a visual eye is necessary no matter what medium you operate in.

5. Branding

For graphic artists, this professional trait is essential. In fact, you must first understand your client’s brand in order to understand their needs. Social media branding, in particular, is related to numerous graphic design businesses now a days.

Top Colleges That Offer BDes Course

Some of the best colleges that offer BDes degree courses are as follows-

  1. Pearl Academy
  2. Chandigarh University
  3. UPES
  4. Presidency University
  5. International School of Design
  6. National School of Design

Benefits of Pursuing a BDes Degree?

Pursuing a BDes degree has the following benefits-

  1. It assists in enhancing your problem-solving skills.
  2. It provides numerous job opportunities.
  3. Good salary. The average yearly salary offered through BDes degree ranges from INR 2 Lakhs to INR 10 Lakhs.
  4. It provides an opportunity to work with numerous clients on a variety of projects.
  5. You don’t have to work under someone else, and you can start your own business or do freelancing.

Jobs Offered After Pursuing BDes Degree

BDes degree provides numerous job opportunities. They are –

  1. Animator
  2. Multimedia Artist
  3. Web Designing
  4. Web Developer
  5. Art Director
  6. Graphic Designing
  7. Visual Designer
  8. Film and Video Editor


Thus as per the article, we can conclude that there are 5 crucial skills (mentioned above) that you should have to be a successful graphic designer. And in order to improve your graphic designing skills, you can take online tuition or read graphic design books. You can also ask for feedback from clients about your work to enhance your skills, or you can find a mentor yourself who can guide you on the right path. To pursue your career in the field of graphic designing you must seek a BDes degree course. In case you still have any queries related to graphic designer key skills or graphic designer requirement skills or regarding admission to BDes programme, Sunstone is always there to assist you.

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1. What are the skills required for graphic designing?

Graphic designer’s key skills that are required are as follows-

  1. Innovative mindset
  2. Animation skills
  3. Artistic Skills
  4. High Imaginative Skills
  5. Knowledge of designing

2. What is the most important skill for a graphic designer?

Creativity and technical skills are considered the most important skills for graphic designers.

3. What do graphic designers need to learn?

A graphic designer must learn how to use graphic designing tools such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

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