Best Small Kitchen Ideas to Design Your Small Cooking Space

Best Small Kitchen Ideas to Design Your Small Cooking Space


Many urban homes and apartments come with small kitchens. Most people are quite displeased with a small kitchen. This is because people believe that working in a small kitchen can be very difficult. They feel that there are higher risks of spills and other accidents in a small kitchen. However, it should not worry you as small kitchens can be functional and appealing as well. There are many smart small kitchen ideas that offer sufficient storage for all your kitchen essentials and allow you to cook conveniently. Further, they elevate the aesthetic beauty of the space. In case you are not sure how to make the most of your small kitchen design, here are a few small kitchen ideas you can consider:

01 of 06 Add a rolling cart

The countertops are very essential for all your prep work. Besides allowing you to keep various things, it allows you to do all your prep work. Your kitchen will not be functional if you do not have sufficient countertop space. Unfortunately, it becomes a little difficult to create a lot of countertop space in small modular kitchens. However, this does not mean you cannot add more countertop space. A smart way to incorporate countertop space is by introducing a slim rolling cart to your kitchen. The rolling cart will allow you to store various things and offer countertop space as well. Also, you can easily move in or out of the kitchen when required, unlike a kitchen island. Hence, you will have the option to create more space in your kitchen if necessary.

02 of 06 Choose invisible hardware

A small modular kitchen should have plenty of storage. You must create a combination of drawers and cabinets for storing all your essentials. Hence, the storage should be planned properly. While you are at it, make sure that you take your furniture hardware into consideration as well. Although it may seem like a trivial aspect, it has a hygge influence on the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your storage. Always stick to invisible hardware in a small kitchen design interior. It will allow you to make your small kitchen more spacious and ensure that your clothes do not get hooked when you move around in the kitchen.

03 of 06 Organise your cabinets

Creating a lot of storage might not help if you fail to organise all your items properly. Organising everything properly is crucial to ensure that all your kitchen essentials fit in your cabinets. There are various smart ways to do this. For instance, you can get lid organisers so that your pot and pan lids can be stored properly. Further, risers will allow you to make the most of your cabinet space by making use of vertical space. There are many other similar organising ideas you can come up with for your kitchen cabinets. They will help to ensure that your small kitchen design interiors appear spacious.

04 of 06 Be smart with your dishwasher installation

Dishwashers are important appliances for the kitchen. They make performing your day-to-day kitchen activities easier. However, accommodating one in your small kitchen interior can feel a little difficult. You will have to be smart with the dishwasher to ensure that you do not have to sacrifice a lot of free space. Many experts suggest using a dishwasher that directly drains into the sink for this purpose. You should talk to your interior designer service provider about this.

05 of 06 Get a rolling kitchen island

A kitchen island can be very functional. It allows you to perform your prep work, store various items, and serve food. Hence, you should always add a kitchen island to your kitchen interiors. However, you find it very difficult to accommodate one in your small kitchen. This does not mean you should completely skip it. Instead of a regular large kitchen island, you should consider getting a small rolling kitchen island. It will allow you to move the island around as per your requirements. When you feel the kitchen is getting overcrowded, it can be moved out of the kitchen. At other times, the island can stay inside. Just make sure that the rolling island has a minimal look and slim legs.

06 of 06 Colour it white

The colour plays a very crucial role in interior design. You must be very careful while choosing the colours for your small kitchen. One of the best colours you can choose for your small kitchen interiors is white. White is considered ideal for small spaces because it makes the space appear brighter and creates the illusion of a larger space. Hence, an all-white kitchen will appear more spacious. People with small kitchens can benefit from an all-white kitchen significantly. Besides the walls and storage, you can choose white accessories and appliances as well. It will give your kitchen interiors a pristine and calming look. However, you must keep in mind that an all-white can get dirty easily. It will require more maintenance.

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