Choosing between different interior door styles

Choosing between different interior door styles


When you’re building or renovating a home, it’s a lot of fun picking out everything so your entire home really matches your aesthetic how you want it to. When you start building the home, you might think you know exactly what you want, but as soon as it’s time to make that final decision, you might find yourself falling into a panic because of the sheer amount of choices you are faced with… and that’s something that happens to everyone!

Picking out the perfect door style for the interior of your home can come as an unexpected challenge if you’re not prepared for it, but that’s exactly what we’re going to do today! We’ve created a guide that’s got all the right information, for all of the most popular door styles so when you go in to make the choice, you already know exactly what you want to go with!

1. Hinged Doors

We can’t get into all the different types of door styles without covering the most commonly used one first! Hinged doors are the type of doors you see in most homes. They’re one slab of wood (or whatever material the owner has chosen) and they sit on 2 or 4 hinges. These hinges let the doors swing open and shut smoothly. The hinges can be on either side, depending on the door you have and the space you’re using it in, but generally, the hinges are on the right. This type of door is also easiest to install because they come with the hinges pre-installed! So all that’s left to do is screw them on and you’re done!

2. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are an extremely popular door style too. It’s likely that you’ll find at least one of these in every home! Typically, sliding doors are made with glass, and are used as doors that look out the yard, or as an exit point from the kitchen. Having a glass door that slides is usually considered better than glass doors that swing open, which makes them a popular choice!

3. French Doors

Now getting into the fancier door styles, we have french doors. These are two doors that meet in the middle, and they swing open from the middle together. If you want a super private space, these can be made out of a solid, opaque material but typically they’re used in spaces like dining rooms and come with glass panels running through the entire door. That way, you get to separate the space, without closing off the floor plan!

4. Repurposed Doors

With everything vintage becoming super trendy in the past few years, one of the things that has gotten popular is having repurposed doors installed in a unique way in your home! These can be barn doors, or simple old doors with lots of personality! The only thing to keep in mind with these is that you should make sure these doors are in good enough shape, and are termite and insect free before you bring them into your home, and they should be installed professionally to ensure everything is safe and the door won’t just fall apart. Door Repair NYC, or a reputable door repair service in your area will be able to take care of this for you!

5. Pocket Doors

Finally, we have a style of doors that’s more recent, but has become increasingly popular because of how unique and functional it is, pocket doors. Pocket doors look like regular doors, but to open them, you slide them into a pocket that’s built into the wall especially for that door! That way, when you don’t want the door in the way, it can be entirely tucked away and no one will even be able to tell it was ever there in the first place! So if that’s the look you’re going for, this one might be the door for you!

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