Harris Kreichman – Email Marketing Is Crucial for Start-Up Companies to Build Trust

Harris Kreichman – Email Marketing Is Crucial for Start-Up Companies to Build Trust


Email marketing involves the sending of commercial advertisements and messages by start-up businesses to their potential customers through electronic mail. It is a cheap and effective form of digital marketing in comparison to traditional modes of advertisement.  Through email marketing, start-up businesses can reach out to a large number of online buyers with their products. In the process, they are able to create a huge customer base and build a credible reputation. Over time, start-up businesses reach a position where they can compete with large companies having vast resources. The volume of sales revenue start-up businesses generate from their efforts reflects the level of their success.

Harris Kreichman – Why should start-up businesses use email marketing?

Harris Kreichman is a popular email marketing executive from Florida with over 20 years of valuable experience under his belt. Many people consider him to be a pioneer within the digital marketing industry. He specializes in advertising, customer acquisition, media buying, email marketing, multi-channel integrated marketing, and email marketing. In recognition of his contribution to the digital marketing industry, he has won many awards and certifications. These include the Association of National Advertiser’s Member, Data and Marketing Association (DMA) Certified Marketing Professional and Data and Marketing Association (DMA) Member. He happens to be the founder and managing partner of eTargetMedia – this is one of the top email marketing companies in America.

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Benefits of email marketing for start-up businesses

He says start-up businesses do not have immense resources at their disposal, unlike large companies. They need to attract a large number of potential customers to their brand products to boost sales. However, they have to do so on a small budget. Using a suitable email marketing platform can help them to achieve their objective. In the process, they get to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Start-up businesses generate more returns of their initial marketing investment than other forms of advertisement,
  2. Email marketing allows start-up businesses to customize their commercial messages to suit their customers’ tastes and preferences,
  3. Most email marketing platforms have suitable metrics through which they can monitor customer engagement with respect to sales and conversions,
  4. Email marketing enables start-up businesses to classify their target customers according to demographics, purchasing habits and geography,
  5. Start-up businesses can expect an immediate response from their customers to their commercial messages using email marketing, and
  6. Launching a campaign on an email marketing platform is both easy and inexpensive, unlike other advertisement channels.

Harris Scott Kreichman concludes by saying email marketing allows start-up businesses to attract a large number of potential customers on a small budget. They can use it to launch a suitable campaign without much difficulty. They can then customize their commercial messages according to their customers’ tastes, purchasing habits, and demographics. Start-up businesses can even expect an immediate response from them with this mode of online marketing. They are able to use various metrics to measure the levels of customer- engagement in terms of sales and conversions.  Moreover, start-up businesses can expect to earn more returns on their investment with email marketing than other modes of advertisement.

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