How Can Gamers Stop the Internet from Lagging

How Can Gamers Stop the Internet from Lagging


For every gamer, the biggest nightmare is internet lag. If you have ever experienced the freezing of your screen due to internet buffering, you can understand how terrifying it can be. Generally, the only remedial action we look for is to get our hands on a robust internet connection.

We either play online games sitting in public spots using the hotspot of different ISPs in the US such as Spectrum hotspot or using our in-home internet connection. No doubt such hotspots deliver incredibly strong and fast internet signals even when you are not at home. Interestingly, you can access the nationwide hotspots without paying any additional fee.

However, the key objective for a hotspot or in-home Wi-Fi is to provide you with buffer-free, lag-free, consistently fast, and reliable internet signals around the clock. But for any reason, if you are encountering slow internet speed or lagging, you need to try some smart tricks to overcome internet lag.

For your convenience, we have added a list of smart and quick tricks to get rid of internet lag with the least effort. So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Why It is Crucial to Learn how to Overcome Internet Lag by Yourself

Lags in gaming refer to delays in responding to the action of the opponent player in the competition. These are hard to avoid no matter how well-reputed and reliable your internet service provider is and how fastest or expensive the internet connection you have subscribed to is. That’s the reason internet lags are extremely frustrating.

Just imagine you are unable to win the online gaming competition even after subscribing to the finest ISP in your area and paying a hefty monthly fee. Unfortunately, the time required to reach out to the customer services of your ISP and get help leaves no room for you to win the competition.

Various ISPs in the United States have highly responsive and active customer services. The help you need from them is just a call away. Also, their helplines are 24/7 active and you all need to dial their numbers such as Spectrum Phone Number. But still, these ISPs cannot provide you the fix for internet lag that can help you in winning the game which has frozen due to internet lag.

Therefore, we recommend you learn some “Do It Yourself” kind of tricks for fixing common internet lags. So, you will never lose an online game waiting for the ISP to come and rescue your game.

Six Quick Tricks to Minimize Internet Lags

Go through these amazing fixes and get well-versed with the solutions for prompt fixes for internet lagging amidst an online game.

1. Watch Your Internet Bandwidth and Speed

Both internet bandwidth and speed are equally important to make sure you are going to have a smooth and buffer-free online gaming experience. You should go for a minimum of 15 – 20 Mbps internet speed while picking an internet plan to fulfill your online gaming needs.

However, for bandwidth, check out the online activities of your entire family, the number of smart devices, smart home appliances, and the number of internet users at your home. You can also take the assistance of your ISP while deciding the bandwidth needs for your family.

All you need to do is to provide the above-mentioned information to the ISP rep so that they can figure out the bandwidth and speed you need to seamlessly fulfill the internet requirements of you and your family.

2. Go for Low Latency Rate

Another means to minimize internet lagging during online gaming is latency rate. Try to go for a low latency rate so your data travels quickly from its destination to its source.

Similarly, it will help your gaming character to take action promptly, thus you can compete with your opponent efficiently. Generally, the suggested latency rate should be of 20 milliseconds whereas the ping rate is considered good if it is less than 150 ms.

3. Stay Closer to Your Router Device

The third trick is to install your gaming equipment closer to the place where you have installed your router device in your house. The greater the distance between your online gaming devices and router, the greater will be the distortion of signals coming from wireless devices. Thus, it leads to slow internet speed and lagging.

You can enhance the performance of your internet connection by eliminating/removing distracting objects such as furniture, walls, and others between you and your router devices by staying closer to them. So, try to install your gaming console in a spot that is nearby to the location where you have installed your router. Thereby, you can prevent the internet signals coming through your wireless devices to get distorted and thus can overcome the internet lagging issue.

4. Shut Down All Background Programs and Websites

Our background websites, apps, and programs are also the biggest bandwidth eaters, which leads to internet lag. Therefore, we suggest you close all the websites, programs, and apps running in the background of your system. So, you can prevent them to affect the performance of your internet while playing an online game.

Furthermore, you can remove smart devices unnecessarily connected to your internet connection. Through this action, you can also control the overuse of your internet bandwidth. You can also put some of the devices on Airplane Mode when starting your online game. That’s how you can get optimal performance of your internet connection for your online game.

5. Use an Ethernet Cable to Connect Your Gaming Devices to Your Router

It is the best trick to get strong and uninterrupted internet connectivity for your online gaming. This trick can help you dramatically decrease the ping rate without stopping other internet users in your family from using the internet while you are playing an online game.

6. Other Fixes

Moreover, you can also try to play online games using a local server because it will help you in attaining an incredible reduction in ping rate. Else, restarting your router device can also help you in improving the performance of your internet network. You can improve the latency rate by refreshing your internet connection using this trick.

Another thing you can do for reducing internet lagging while playing games is to change your router location. Sometimes the location we have chosen for installing our router is inappropriate to perfectly deliver internet signals throughout our space. Just by placing it in the center of your house, you can optimize the performance of your router and thus can get the best online gaming experience with the same device and internet connection.

In a Nutshell

For instance, if you are still unable to overcome the internet lagging issue even after following all the tricks we have discussed in this blog, it’s time for you to upgrade your broadband package. We recommend you check out amazing internet deals, plans, and packages from different ISPs in your area by visiting BuyTVInternetPhone.

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