How Much Does CBD Help with Muscle Recovery?

How Much Does CBD Help with Muscle Recovery?


Health and wellness enthusiasts have already found a big treasure – CBD. It is both organic and hardly has side effects. If you encourage healthy living, you would need to follow a proper diet and exercise. Then you must have felt the pain and cramps in the muscle after a day of a good workout. Many athletes and sportsperson try and advocate CBD for pre- and post-workout supplement.

Are You New To CBD?

You should get an idea of what is this substance called CBD before buying any product. Cannabis plants (marijuana & hemp plant) contain chemical compounds called cannabinoids. CBD or cannabidiol is one of the 113 identified cannabinoids. It’s different from the psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This non-psychoactive compound has many properties – analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, neuroprotective and neurogenerative. It is used in medicine for treating epilepsy symptoms.

Is It Safe to Use CBD?

With the expanding market, there are also instances of counterfeits. You should know that a genuine CBD product is safe for use. Make sure that the provider has licensed business and has third party test certificate for quality analysis. JustCBD is one such trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality CBD cream for pain. All their products are manufactured in the UK and they give free delivery on bulk order within the country.

With a trustworthy company, you won’t face a problem with the label on the product. You can read out all the ingredients and its rate of content. You can now decide on the dose. Many anecdotal evidence and studies have shown that there are no side effects of CBD other than a mild headache or nausea and drowsiness at beginning of use.

CBD And Muscle Recovery

It’s not only due to workouts, but any physical labor that you usually don’t do can give you muscle pain. When you work out, you put stress on muscle fibers and tissues. This can cause micro-tears in the muscle tissues and lead to stiff muscle and pain. During the muscle recovery, the affected area might get inflamed due to immune response.

You can include CBD in both pre-workout and post-workout routine. When used before a workout, CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system to allow the body to have better functioning and proper blood flow. It increases your performance quality and time. You would have more energy and stamina.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory property heals muscle faster and helps in cell regeneration. CBD also aids in getting good sleep. Our body produces the growth hormone, Melatonin during our sleep. So, get a sound sleep for full muscle recovery.


CBD dosage can differ for every individual. The best way to determine the correct dose for you is by starting with a low dose and then slowly increasing the dose till you feel the effect. Along with that, remember to take into account other medical conditions if you have any. Sometimes your prevailing medication can cause drug interaction. Therefore, always consult your doctor before taking up a new supplement. Another important point that many forget is that CBD is not a replacement for any medication, but a supplement.

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