How to prevent aadhar frauds

How to prevent aadhar frauds


The Aadhaar card has become the means for identity in today’s times. This is because it is required for various financial and monetary activities, like buying an asset, opening a bank account and for filling in ITR returns. Due to the fact that aadhar is required for a number of reasons at multiple places, thereby, aadhar information is exposed a number of times. However, the information is not even accessed by the UIDAI also; indeed, the authority ensures all measures to protect the population from the aadhar related frauds. The Aadhar Card is regulated by the UIDAI, that is the Unique Identification Authority of India.

The information on aadhar card can be used to derive personal information, like bank account number, bank statements and even important documents like passports and pan cards. Thus, many frauds keep an eye to hack these details for misusing the information and thereby, one’s hard-earned money. This, however, is next to impossible, as the authority has planned various measures to ensure the safety and security of the Aadhar linked information. However, not many Aadhar users are aware of the same. Some of these are listed as follows:

Aadhar authentication with OTP: OTP or one-time password, is used to avail various online activities. During OTP authentication, the one-time-passwords are sent to the registered mobile number. Similarly, even aadhar related activities can be assessed by the OTP, wherein in order to avail aadhar activities such as correction or updation of information, and many others. However, it is equally important that the person does not share the aadhar number with any person to prevent fraudulent activities.

Enlocking biometric information: The aadhar is a unique identity proof because it is unique to all individuals. The unique feature of aadhar is that it is based on a person’s unique identification mark, such as their fingerprint and iris scan. The biometrics such as fingerprints, on the other hand, is also used to conduct various activities such as to withdraw money. The aadhar frauds, however, can be stopped, by locking the biometrics. This means that no aadhaar authentication can take place using the biometrics, and thereby the fraud is prevented. Biometrics can be locked on the UIDAI website where you can lock your biometrics both temporarily and permanently.

Using the Aadhar virtual ID: The best way to protect your aadhar details and personal information is that one uses a virtual aadhar Id instead of the actual one. The virtual aadhar ID is a 16 digit code, generated temporarily. The ID is generated on the UIDAI official website and remains valid until a new ID is generated. The ID gives security to the aadhar number, as because of it the actual aadhar ID is not disclosed anywhere.

Thus on a concluding note, it is essential that a person uses carefully and watchfully. Keeping an eye on the aadhar’s security ensures the security of your personal information and also of your hard-earned money. The users can, however, ensure this, by following the above-mentioned steps, and by being careful and updated about the aadhar’s security.

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