How to score the highest marks in 11th standard Mathematics examination?

How to score the highest marks in 11th standard Mathematics examination?


Mathematics is one of the most interesting and complicated subjects, especially for students in 11th standard. Students from both CBSE and MP state board fear this subject. It has been observed that students, who have opted for Sciences after their Xth CBSE examination, find Mathematics to be quite complicated in class 11th standard. Since, in 11th standard Mathematics, there are plenty of new concepts like Binomial Theorem, Calculus, Coordinate Geometry and advanced Trigonometry. Besides, students generally start preparing for engineering entrances like IIT JEE, AIEEE etc from 11th standard, in which Mathematics is essential. To know how to score the highest marks in 11th standard Mathematics examination, first proceed with Download class 11 maths NCERT. Next, follow these proven steps, to perform to the optimum level in the class 11th Maths examination.

 What are the actual steps in scoring the highest marks in 11th standard Maths examination?

 Since Mathematics is a quite complicated subject in 11th class, so it is suggested that you must first solve the class 11 maths ncert book in hindi, starting with both examples and exercises. If you find it difficult to solve, you must go in for extra classes and private tuitions. Since the Mathematics paper in 11th standard is very lengthy, you must prepare as per marks allotment and the weightage. This means that out of 100, coordinate geometry is given 40 marks. So, you must practice more and more of coordinate geometry. Besides the NCERT textbooks, you must go in for SL Loney, book on Coordinate Geometry. Coordinate Geometry is said to originate from that book. Next, you should also practice Algebra thoroughly. Besides, the normal textbook, you must go in for Resnick and Halliday book on Algebra.

 Besides, mastering all the concepts thoroughly, you must know the value of time management. You must do all the model question papers thoroughly, to know the value of time management and for getting the highest marks in the examination. Practising model question papers will give you an exact feel of the real-time environment, like how to allot a certain time to a particular section. There are plenty of model question papers for the 11th standard examination, written by different authors. Practice around 3 to 4 sets for getting a good grasp. So, wish you all the best in your endeavour. Visit for more information.


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