Link Building through Cross Promotion

Link Building through Cross Promotion


Cross Promotion is a process of marketing where various brands join together to promote each other’s business interest. Cross Promotion helps in marketing synergy where each brand uses all its resources at their disposal for the promotion of all other brands involved in the Cross Promotion in addition to their own brand. Cross Promotion is usually done between businesses that do not compete with each other but are from different or cross categories. This joint promotion exercise is a win-win situation for all these brands. When numerous brands engage in Cross Promotion, the benefits will be humongous for all the participating brands.

If you, as a Digital Marketer, have a better understanding of the process of Cross Promotion and its effects on Link Building, you will be able to achieve incalculable and immeasurable digital marketing results. Know more with

Niche Marketing Benefits of Cross Promotion

If the Cross Promoting brands are from a specific industry or business segment like Construction and Building Materials, it is a Niche Cross Promotion. For example, if the Cross Promoting member brands represent each unique sub-category in the Construction and Building Materials segment like windows, flooring materials, wall painting, wallpapers, bathroom fixtures, builder hardware, tiles, interior decoration, home automation, security and surveillance systems, bathware, electrical products, home appliances, etc., all these brands complement each other with respect to business sub-category but in terms of marketing effort, they jointly promote each other’s brands through Cross Promotion.

As there is no competition between these brands as each represents a completely different sub-category, brand promotion done for all other brands by each of these brands to its prospective customers benefits all member brands. When each brand uses its website or social media for sharing marketing content of its affiliate member brands or promotes their joint group website through its promotional media and content, all of these brands get great visibility, and SEO and Link Building benefits. This is a perfect case of Cross Promotion between non-competing brands for achieving mutual benefits. Check SEO Packages,

Volume Benefits of Cross Promotion

Cross Promotion is Synergy Marketing. When all of these members band together to jointly represent themselves, the advantages of this group marketing is incredible.

It is indeed pulling together all of their strengths and creating a big impact in the specific sector or industry reaching out as many potential audiences as possible. This unified marketing effort creates such an impact that all these brands gain immensely in one go.

Synergy Marketing means the effect of this Group Marketing far outweighs the sum of the efforts of the individual brands acting independently. Joint Marketing not only is about the benefits of shared marketing costs but also about gathering all the brands’ strengths for the groups’ common goal achievement.

CTA Conversion & Cross Promotion

Assuming 20 brands join together for Cross Marketing, each of these brands gets the endorsement of the other 19 brands which directly or indirectly lend their credibility and trust to the partnering brands. So, Cross Promotion helps to increase each of the brands trust by earning the confidence votes of the other brand partners. This in turn enables each brand to get more brand followers, and their belief and trust, and increased prospects of getting more Call-To-Action fulfillments and sales conversions.

Instant Audience Reach

If each of these brands involved in Cross Promotion agree to share marketing content of the partnering brands or all the Group’s joint web page links in their social media accounts and get the attention and viewing of their social media followers, or mention the partner brands in their individual digital marketing advertisements, all of these brands get instant visibility, connectivity and results. All their partner brands’ website links, brand mentions, blogs, articles, E-commerce websites and brand identities get visibility and clicks resulting in huge digital marketing and Link Building benefits.

Credibility Advantages

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a separate discipline in Digital Marketing and it requires serious thought and efforts to ensure a brand’s credibility and trust gets higher and the brand valued in the online market space. With a Cross Promotion involving 20 brands, each brand lends its credibility, reputation and domain authority to the 19 other partnering brands thereby increasing the trust, credibility and reputation of each of these associate brands. In Cross Promotion, the associate brands not only showcase the partnering brands but also endorse them and share their marketing content, website backlinks, brandmentions, articles and resource links in their own web pages and platforms and in the process transferring their credibility and authority helping soar the partnering brands’ domain authority and SEO scores.


Cross Promotion is not only a niche tool but also it is a global tool to jointly promote each other’s brands in a cost effective and efficient manner. Though Cross Promotion for the most part creates positive effect with benefits ranging from shared marketing costs, huge reach, instant brand connectivity, more trust and credibility, joint expertise, team effort, joint strategic advantages, joint show of brands, unexpected Link Building benefits, multi-channel promotion and team spirit, it has to be carefully treaded for certain but very few concerns regarding brand and brand reputation. One such thing to watch out for here is this. As each brand lends their site authority, a brand with negative domain authority also passes its negative score to each of the partnering brands. This will by default create negative refutation and cause negative scores to all the brands participating in the group. So, when you are making efforts to do Cross Promotion, ensure that all the brands in the group have good as your SEO scores get affected by others’ SEO scores. Check if all of these brands enjoy a good Online Brand Reputation and have success stories. If everything is perfect, join hands with brands for a successful and meaningful marketing journey.

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