Paintings that Bring Good Luck and Prosperity

Paintings that Bring Good Luck and Prosperity


It’s said that some paintings bring prosperity and good luck to those who hang them on their walls, so if you’re looking to enhance your home decor with something more than just framed art, this is the place to start. All of these lucky paintings have something in common – each brings good fortune to those who own it and hang it in their homes or offices, and all are available for purchase online. Check out this post for good luck paintings for residential and official places.

1. Buddha painting

The Buddha painting is ideal for every setting such as living rooms, offices or bedrooms. It is a very popular item among Hindus because it will bring good luck to those who follow their faith. The Buddha symbolizes peace, prosperity and good fortune. This makes it an excellent pick for a room that you’d like to create a peaceful aura in, or any other space of your home where you’d like to feel more relaxed.

2. Ganesha painting

If you are looking for a special artwork for your home or office that is actually good luck catcher, then consider buying Ganesha painting online. The painting of Lord Ganesha is a blessing in itself, as it symbolizes prosperity and good luck. Ganesha has been venerated by Hindus since time immemorial, which is why it’s not surprising that there’s such an array of paintings available to you today. You can find paintings of Ganesh in all kinds of styles: painted on wood or canvas, carved on marble or clay, embroidered on fabric or stenciled onto glass. Buy paintings online now to find just what you need to bring a little extra happiness into your life!

3. Seven running horses paintings

This is an auspicious painting, which has a deep meaning in Feng Shui. The 7 horses symbolize: Happiness, Longevity, Wealth, Knowledge, Fame, and Health(White horse). Seven horses paintings in particular is believed to bring positivity, abundance, good fortune, luck and wishes. The best place to display your running horses painting is either at home or office to benefit from its positive energy throughout day.

4. Pattachitra paintings

Pattachitra paintings are very unique as they are made on clothes, cloth or a cotton material. The paintings depict mythological scenes of Hindu deities that is why they bring good luck and prosperity in your home. These paintings generally are made using bright colors that are sourced from natural ingredients, creative figures and are painted using brushes made of natural hair. This art is common in Odisha and West Bengal. You can use this painting to change the look of your home or hang it in your home or office’s pooja room. It will surely alter the aura and environment of your place and keep everyone motivated all the time.

5. Floral painting

The floral painting is another popular form of paintings in India that bring good luck and fortune to you. The best part about it is that you don’t need any set theme or a story, just think about your happy thoughts and create whatever comes to your mind when you look at flowers. Flowers are considered as symbols of beauty, freshness, purity, love, peace and prosperity in Indian culture so why not paint flowers for good luck? The floral paintings, as a symbol of positivity and prosperity can be used in home and offices anytime!

6. Landscape Paintings

Now comes the landscape paintings in the list of good luck paintings. These paintings are one of the oldest types of artwork that can be seen in homes and offices. People not just use them for décor purposes but also to bring prosperity in the room. The different landscapes such as garden, village, aquatic, mountains, etc. depict different aspects such as kindness, strength, and power.

7. Radha Krishna Paintings

The ultimate symbol of Indian culture, Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu. Beautiful Radha Krishna paintings are a great addition to any home; because of their emotional appeal, they can have a profound effect on anyone that comes in contact with them. This painting is a true representation of good luck and prosperity, and makes an ultimate addition to your home and office!

Final Words

If you’re looking for good luck, prosperity, and happiness in your life, there are plenty of things you can do to attract these positive energy forces. One way is to collect these inspiring art pieces to make you feel great. Buy these paintings online to keep your environment happy always and filled with good energies and good luck.

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