Top 8 Benefits of a Professional Internship Program

Top 8 Benefits of a Professional Internship Program


The whole idea of an internship may sound daunting- it’s your first job, the salary is low (or no salary), the hours long, and you’re right at the bottom of the corporate ladder. But, internships can actually be a good thing. They come with many benefits and are an important step to getting the job of your dreams.

Here are a couple of advantages for when you go in for a professional internship.

  1. First-hand work experience

When you were in high school or college, your resume didn’t have much on it except maybe a few summer jobs you took on. So, the main benefit of taking on an internship is that you can gain actual work experience. If your dream is to work in a Digital Marketing Agency, or helping a major NGO, nothing is more important than having hands-on work experience on your resume. Most big companies will judge you not only by your educational qualifications but by your past work experience before they hire you.

  1. Brush up your knowledge

On top of great skills, an internship will also help you add all the knowledge you’ve learned up to this point. If you’ve taken up learning fashion then a job at a fashion house will help you apply all the skills you have learned and you can actually put all your book and practical knowledge to use.

  1. Network with professionals

Part of a professional internship program is meeting new people in your industry and networking with professionals and thought leaders. Being in proximity to top experts in your field will give you the advantage of meeting them, learning new things, gaining new skills, and even making a couple of good friends. These influential names help a lot when it comes to getting a job.

  1. Field application

Theory may teach you about a subject, but working on it first hand is a whole other thing. Practical knowledge gives you the opportunity to know how your chosen line is upfront and work on it. An example of this would be; as an individual becoming a tour guide and studying for it is one thing, but being out in the field, travelling, and working on both physical and mental tasks will actually give you an insight into the industry. Books can only teach you so much, the rest is all up to you.

  1. Experiment with careers

Computer technology looks interesting, but are you sure you want a career in this field? The best thing about internship is that you can get a feel of the job without actually committing long-term i.e., no strings attached. Maybe after working for a couple of months you may find something else interesting or decide to go down another path, whatever your decision is you can walk away once your contract is up.

  1. University credits

If you are applying for an internship from university, certain colleges offer credits for around 480+ hours of intern work. By earning university credits, it will help you choose your major as well as be first in line to get new job opportunities.

  1. A regular paycheck

Post-college is the time when you need a little extra money for yourself. Although most intern jobs don’t pay as much, it’s still pocket money and you can use it for various purposes. Gaining work experience along with some cash in your wallet is a definite win.

  1. Increased confidence

As you intern and gain experience, learn new skills, and meet new people, your confidence and professional aura will increase. It will give you confidence, teach you how to dress, talk, act, and deal with clients in your industry as well as get a feel of what the actual job maybe. This will come in handy when you are applying for a job in the future.

In Conclusion

Taking online courses in India and then opting for a professional internship can be very beneficial when it comes to guiding you from an academic to professional life. It provides you work experience, practical knowledge, and helps you network with other professionals in your field.

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