Why do you love playing fantasy football?

Why do you love playing fantasy football?


There are many reasons for you to fall in love with fantasy football. You do want to play the game, but never lose out on an opportunity to develop your list. You would be in for a surprise that play fantasy football online did emerge in the decade of the 2000s. The times have gone on to change and fantasy football has its twist and turns in the last few years. For a young child, a fantasy football is like a mobile game that they would be playing with their kids. Here we go on to formulate our team, pick and choose among players and even go on to compete against each other’s team. Eventually, a person who has gone on to accumulate the major number of points wins the game.

Football and your workforce are two sides of the same coin. But still, in the eyes of many, it could be termed as a productivity killer. Once again if you ignore the negatives there are positive aspects while playing fantasy football. On careful observation the benefits of playing fantasy football work out to be enormous. Now before you give your nod of discontent let us get facts ready.

Moral of the employees improve

Take things at face value a lot of people do love fantasy football. This is an important aspect of increasing your morale levels. Before the start of the real game, a week before a mental training game starts off relating to the football game. A concept exists that there is not a lot of preparation exists as far as fantasy football is concerned. Gone are the days where you could consider it as a fantasy game, but it is a master of all games.

Trust me this is a 32 million dollar business and for some of them, it can be an unhealthy obsession. But there are some benefits to playing fantasy football. In no way, it means that you are not encouraging people to play fantastical football. If you observe fantasy football is good for your brain.


A thing that emerges is technology has gone on to make people lonely and cut off from the crowd. In this fast-paced age, this game fosters social interaction or be it friendships. This goes on to that there is a situation of strong friendship and less prone to stress. You are in a position to ascertain whether your team is better than the others in the business.


From the reports emerging out a feeling exists that competition could be a good thing. A sense of competitive feelings has to creep in if you do not want to accept it wholeheartedly. This indicates what you are looking at. You are in a position to acknowledge what you want as it helps you to understand better. There is no need to suppress your competitive feelings and then you have to channel them through your spirit. You need to be thanking your brain for this. Just you have to keep these things fresh in your mind once the talk is trivial.

Critical thinking along with superior decision making

On careful observation, critical thinking is all about top-notch decision making. In case of some, it could be overthinking as a player but as a player, you have to be expert in taking decisions based on expert opinion that happens every day during the game of football. What is important to you is whether football players need to be part of the line-up or even the ones you might be looking to drop down from the list. With the aid of online fantasy football games to play a strong sense of decision making along with critical ability comes into the scheme of things.

From the viewpoint of experts, a host of benefits arise from critical thinking. Not only it leads to savings on the time front, but better levels of communication along with enhanced likes from the remote corners of the world is also possible.


This is a point that applies to all disgruntled football commission individuals who are present out there. The moment you are leading a fantasy football commission you are heading a team of 8 to 10 people. They are people who set the game, figure out the rules and even devise the scoring system. Even the commissioner is responsible for the formulation of the draft and the final decisions as far as the rooster decisions are even with him. So, the scoring system, along with the rules, is really important.

This is not a common feeling but it conveys a feeling that you are a general of an army. You are expected to lead a team of people who fall under your command. Even if you are not the boss at work, you tend to be the leader of the group. The moment you go on to become a boss you might go on to learn things that you might have never done in your life before. It would be fair to say that your physical and mental qualities go on to step a notch ahead. The benefits of leadership would also mean improving the morale of the employees.

Along with enhanced productivity engagement of the workers is expected to increase

The day is expected to rise when you end up playing fantasy football at work and it is easy to justify the cause. When you go on to play the game with your co-workers it fosters a team sport and at the same time enhances the productivity to a steep level. Research thinks that we are not in proper mental space it does take a toll on our productivity levels. Any stress that emerges from our professional life does take a toll on your mental and social health.

To conclude the benefits of fantasy football games are hard to ignore. If you are not part of it you end up missing the fun aspect of your life. So Indulge in this game at the earliest and soak in the glory.

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