7 Best places to visit in Bengaluru

7 Best places to visit in Bengaluru


The high-tech city of India Bengaluru offers more to every visitor and traveler than a sneak peeks at some of India’s largest IT parks. With the thumping nightlife, historical abundance, and gardens spread across acres nurturing varieties of flora and fauna, Bengaluru has more to offer for everyone’s taste and interest.

So, if you are attending a business trip to Bengaluru while searching for Mumbai to Bengaluru flights knowing more about Bengaluru sightseeing might interest you. Let’s make your search and coming business trip more interesting. Here are 7 auspicious places you should visit in Bengaluru for a memorable time.

1. Cubbon Park

A breath of fresh air and a lustrous sight soothing your senses at Cubbon Park is what you need after discussing business cupped up in an air-conditioned cabin all day. Spread across 300 acres this piece of land brings you close to the tranquil greenery and bustling biodiversity of nature amidst the buzzing city life.Take some time out to indulge in the beauty of nature during your stay in the high-tech city of Bangalore.

2. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

Feeling adventurous? Bangalore has a perfect spot to satiate your wanderlust from 70 km away from the city. For adventure lovers and avid trekkers,Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is a must-visit place in Bangalore.

The hill houses the beautiful temple of Ranganath Swamy while the path to the temple is surrounded by the dense shrubs of the forest which is home to elephants and other small jungle habitats. While the hike might feel tiresome to some the sight from the peak is delightful to see.

3. Banneghtta National Park

Traveling with a family? Well, showing your kids some beasts of the IT sector in Bengaluru might be on your mind but what will delight their experience more is seeing the beasts of the jungle. Bannerghatta National Park is situated on the outskirts of the city inhibiting the wildlife of the region in the secluded forest. Take along your family on your adventurous outing and let them experience the wildlife up close.

4. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Wish to time travel into the royal history of Rajas and Sultans of India? Tipu Sultan’s Summer is another retreat for sightseeing in Bangalore with kids. Once the royal summer fort of Tipu Sultan has been transformed into a museum.With vintage paintings, magnificent figures and artwork the palace turned museum has garnered stark popularity in recent years. You can take a halt at this mesmerizing palace before you leave the city to catch your Bengaluru to Kolkata flight.

5. Bangalore Palace

In the mood for a long drive away from the city buzz? 200 km on the outskirts of Bangalore is situated the Bangalore Palace. Built-in the late 19th century, the palace takes you back to the royal and rich history of India while the architecture of the building reminds you of the castles of Northern France and England in Medieval times. spain cultural attractions And, if you would love to have a musical experience with a historic fort in the background, you should visit Bangalore Palace as the garden in front of it often hosts concerts by international heavy metal bands.

6. Freedom Park

How would you feel when you visit Hyde Park in London? Well, you can get a glimpse of the same experience by visiting Freedom Garden in Bangalore. Once stood the Central jail now is a mesmerizing experience for visitors and natives alike. Spread across 21 acres the garden flaunts water fountains, a Sculpture Court, a Book Museum, a Jail Museum, and more with a glimpse of the past standing tall at the center as the watchtower which was used to observe the prisoners.

7. UB City Mall

Craving for a wild night before you head to catch your Bengaluru to Mumbai flight ? Visit the first-ever luxury mall in the country! UB City Mall hosts many national and international brands for shopaholics.Apart from a memorable shopping and dining experience, UB City Mall offers endless nightlife options for mesmerizingnighttimewith your friends and family.

Often seen as the IT hub and cosmopolitan city in India, Bengaluru offers a beautiful blend of city buzz, cultural experiences, and natural habitats. On your next flight to Bangalore, make sure you take out time to explore the true essence of the city beyond IT parks.

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