How to find English teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi

How to find English teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi


While searching for jobs on your own can be a daunting task, there are plenty of English teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi for those with the credentials. You can get started by searching online or perusing classified ads in local newspapers and you should find plenty of options to choose from.

When applying for a job through an agency, be sure to do some research first. Make sure that the agency is reputable and legitimate.

Be prepared to provide them with copies of your degree, qualifications, and TEFL certificate as well as proof of experience such as references from previous employers.

If possible, try to get a contact in the UAE who can give you advice about schools or even put in a good word for you at the school where they work.

Just remember that there are plenty of opportunities available but it will take some persistence and patience on your part to find one that suits you best.

Speak to friends and family in the country who have contacts

In order to find a job in Abu Dhabi, it is always recommended to use your network. This will include friends and family in the country who might have contacts. You never know who they might know.

Some of our best hires came through friends and family. This is because it has been found that people hired through a contact tend to be happier at their job compared to those who are not.

It also makes it easier for you to get more information about what is really going on at a school before you apply as opposed to finding out after you have already taken the job.

Get an internship or volunteer abroad

If you want to teach English in Abu Dhabi, you need to have a college degree and some sort of English-language teaching certification.

If you have already completed your education and acquired these qualifications but still lack teaching experience, it’s time to get an internship or volunteer abroad. Internships are especially helpful for those who are not yet certified teachers because they allow you to obtain the necessary experience within a closely supervised setting.

Internships also provide many benefits that can help you find employment later on. First, it allows you to get a foot in the door at a potential employer’s school.

Next, internships provide opportunities for building relationships with other teachers and professionals who will be able to give you great references when the time comes.

Finally, internships provide excellent networking possibilities; finding people who can potentially help find jobs often has more to do with knowing someone than meeting random strangers through job websites.

Consider a TEFL program

If you want to teach English abroad, there are a variety of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) programs available for you to choose from.

These can help establish your confidence and skills as a teacher and serve as a great way to meet new friends who are going through the same process of moving abroad.

Many TEFL programs also offer job placement so that once you’ve finished your training you will also have an English teaching position lined up.

There are many ways to find English teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi

No matter what job you’re seeking, you need to get out there and talk to people. You can start your search by looking at social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The other thing that will help is writing all this information down so that someone can look it up, so if they see it online they know they are finding exactly what they are looking for. As far as finding jobs goes, there are loads of different avenues to go down; here’s a list that will hopefully help:

Talk to people (friends and family). Everyone knows someone who is in Abu Dhabi or has worked here before. There’s always going to be a friend or relative who has been through the same situation – ask them what the process was like, how long it took them, etc., and then use those experiences to guide you while applying for jobs yourself.

Look online (sites like This website will put up thousands of jobs being advertised across the world on an almost daily basis, so if something is being advertised for Abu Dhabi then chances are there’s probably one available. Search for keywords such as “English teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi”, “jobs near me” or “online teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi”. Remember not to search under UAE because some employers might be looking specifically for teachers from the Emirates.

Check out recruitment agencies. These websites will advertise specific schools that have vacancies across the world but their number one focus is directly within Abu Dhabi itself which means lots of teachers with experience working within the country.

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