Dubai Desert Safari: Cost, Tickets & Activities that you can do

Dubai Desert Safari: Cost, Tickets & Activities that you can do


Dubai is one of the most striking tourist destinations today, full of innovation, luxury, and truly beautiful landscapes. And one of these landscapes is its precious desert, where you can enjoy many activities, such as dinners under the stars, bonfires, parties, fireworks or adventure activities such as a desert safari.

The Desert Safari Dubai is by far one of the most striking and representative excursions in Dubai for tourists; crossing the dunes as they go down and up the fun natural slopes of the sea of ​​coral-colored sand, which is one of the characteristics of the Dubai desert.

About the Dubai Desert Safari

An exciting day would undoubtedly be going on a Safari in the desert of Dubai, this activity involves crossing the desert dunes and other things such as riding on camels, camping in the desert, enjoying the spectacular Tanoura music and dance, eating delicious grilled meat or the famous 4×4 car race on the desert sands.

The vast desert of Dubai and its sparse vegetation provide tourists with an experience full of contrast, as once in the city of Dubai they come across towering skyscrapers and giant shopping centers that host a hectic and monotonous life. A desert safari is perfect to escape the monotony of the city, the dune crossing is more than an hour away where the only thing that can be admired sporadically are some dromedaries.

The best desert safaris in Dubai

This, as it is one of the most emblematic activities in the city, has several options. The variety and modalities are many, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.

These options include:

  • Dunes and sandboarding: In this circuit, tourists can enjoy the adventure on a sandboard in the desert in a closed circuit between the dunes. The activity consists of sliding between the red sand and exposed under the bright sun of Dubai, on a ski board, just as we would on snow.
  • Dunes plus Quad ride: This tour is based on riding a Quad over the desert, the circuit is in charge of entering the immense red sandpit in 4×4 and then allowing tourists to enjoy the dunes for about 30 minutes under a closed top in the one that you can experience something similar to wildlife.
  • Dunes plus Sandboard ride with Quad: This is one of the mixed activities that can be found within the excursion packages in the desert of Dubai. In it, the combination of the two activities already explained is proposed.
  • Dunes plus dinner in the desert: This activity includes a visit to the desert and its crossing through the dunes, the enjoyment of outdoor activities and culminates in the evening with a Jaima and some traditional shows full of good music and culture, under the stars that adorn the desert and good food.
  • Dunes and camel ride: In this tour, tourists can enjoy the red dunes of the Lehbad desert, inside an all-terrain vehicle that takes them into the desert, and then take a quiet ride on a camel. Some also include a dinner with Arabic dance performances at the end of the activity that lasts about 6 hours.

An important detail of the desert safaris in Dubai is that most of them take place in the afternoon and at night, although some circuits make excursions from 8 in the morning under the express demand of tourists. But one of the purposes of this activity is to leave in the afternoon to finish the tour at dusk under the great blanket of stars that covers the Dubai desert.

Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Dubai Desert

One of the eye-catching activities within the Dubai Desert Safari is the momentous hot air balloon ride. It is an activity that takes place at night or at dawn in order to appreciate the sunrise of Dubai from the view of the birds in the sky.

The tour involves a height of 4 thousand feet approximately, on a hot air balloon, with a general and very wide view of the undulating red dunes of the desert. The view even allows you to see the fauna that beautifully adorns the desert, such as camels, dromedaries, gazelles and Arabian oryx.

Tips for going on a Safari in the desert of Dubai

Going on a Safari to the Dubai desert is by far an activity unlike any that many of us are used to. That is why it is important to take into consideration aspects that will make this incredible adventure comfortable and memorable, such as:

Appropriate clothing

Proper clothing is essential for the enjoyment of this activity, it is advisable to wear comfortable and loose clothing, although it is also not recommended that you dress with a lot of flow of fabrics since they can be a common obstacle in adventure vehicles. The ideal is to wear clothes that can block the sun’s rays to avoid burns.

Another important recommendation is the use of sunglasses and some face shield, hat, caps, and scarves.


The ideal footwear for going on safari in the desert are sandals or open shoes. It should be noted that the activity involves entering and exiting the sand, which causes a closed shoe to continually fill with it. To avoid maturing feet, you can wear socks with sandals.


It should be considered that the activity is a complete exposure to the sun, Dubai being a place in the Middle East, it has high temperatures. Sunscreen is essential to avoid burns that affect the skin in a negative way, especially if your excursion is during the day.

Do not over-demand camels or dromedaries

Camels are very large animals, mostly they are a common transport for Arabs. But you must consider that they also marry when traveling at certain distances. Do not stress them over, or pressure them, it is important to be considerate of them.

Report medical conditions before departure

An important tip before going on a Dubai Desert Safari is to inform professional instructors about any medical ailments or clinical conditions in advance. They will take measures to avoid setbacks on your desert adventure trip.

Book the tour on time

If you have travel plans to Dubai to enjoy the adventure in the Dubai Desert Safari, it is important to make a reservation as soon as possible for the excursion, since places sell out quickly, especially in peak seasons such as December.

Bring water and prepare before if the tide

The trip through the dunes is a complete up and down, and due to the speed of the trip, it can cause dizziness in people sensitive to this type of activity. Likewise, it is recommended to bring cold water to always stay well hydrated.

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