Vip Lounges Where It Doesn’t Matter If You Miss A Flight

Vip Lounges Where It Doesn’t Matter If You Miss A Flight


As we all know time adjustments, and airports do also. Equally, as Dubai Airport Lounge is the simplest way to prevent setbacks, overloaded terminals, and unwind in the personalized environment before your trip departs. Identical to other VIP lounges, where they are ideal for enjoying yourself, recharging electric batteries, ingesting, functioning, and even going for a drop.

With one of these places loaded with high end, proper care, and treatment options, it is really not very easy to refrain from an excellent lengthy getaway. Some global large airports already have spots devoted to discretion, crucial well-being, as well as the cult from the entire body. We enter among the best waiting spaces that you won’t brain missing out on your flight, little oases of hedonism within the frantic international airports. Halting at these deluxe international airports will no longer be suffering. You will need to appreciate them.


Rest here is assured. Located at Istanbul Atatürk International Airport, it has an exclusive space of 5,600 square meters with a capacity for 1,000 passengers. The most fortunate have access to this exclusive space where they can enjoy numerous services, such as relaxing massages.

In addition to its excellent catering with an exquisite variety of meats, fish, and typical dishes of the country, the facilities have a large library, a billiard room, suites with private bathrooms, computers, a cinema with a popcorn machine, and a Scalextric that recreates the miniature Turkish capital. Its quality is endorsed by the Skytrax seal of excellence for the best Dining Lounge in the world 2017.


An airport with a spa, cinema, cactus and butterfly gardens, hospital, a Hard Rock Café, hotel by hours, spas, lounges. It may be disturbing, but it exists. His name is Changi and he’s in Singapore. This charming but lush airport is a pioneer in innovating and offering a fabulous experience to all travelers who pass through it. That is why it has retained the Skytrax award as the best airport in the world for the fifth year in a row.

Passenger facilities include two 24-hour 4D movie theaters that screen the latest blockbusters for free, an Xbox Kinect arcade, various music venues, a rooftop pool with breathtaking views, a butterfly garden, and green areas that are home to a waterfall of more than 8 meters. Aware of its charm and appeal, they even run free tours to show the most curious travelers their impressive green areas.


Beauty and relaxation before boarding. The Doha Airport is what holds the current title of the best room in the airline business class category. And not by chance, since he has earned it hard. The greatest particularity of the airport is the priority at all times is the health of the visitor. It has personalized medical attention 24 hours a day to act in the event of any medical emergency.

One of its jewels is the indoor pool, although the real highlight in this exclusive area is served in its restaurants and all-you-can-eat buffets, where they boast of serving VIP travelers with the best airport desserts. Likewise, its VIP lounges offer the possibility of accessing showers and bathrooms to continue the journey with renewed energy.


To immerse yourself in the pleasures of Finnish culture, it is not necessary to leave Helsinki Vantaa Airport. A large mixed sauna delights the bewildered visitors, who find in its interior the most pleasant way to invest the time of the stopover. In Finland, there is one sauna for every three inhabitants , since for them it is not a simple cultural element but an essential wellness ritual in their day to day life.

Spruce wood from the Alps, hot stones, steam, and the traditional Finnish sauna, all in an area of ​​600 square meters where you can also enjoy a cold water pool, a mineral pool, and relaxation treatments and massages. Admission is 45 euros but for Finnair Plus Platinum members it is free.

The decoration of its VIP rooms boasts Nordic elegance bathed in modernity, in the space it provides the feeling of serenity necessary on any trip. And, so that nothing is missing, a free buffet is permanently available to the hungriest.


The Etihad Airways Lounge & Spa at Abu Dhabi Airport is at the top of the VIP lounges. It is a space of almost 1,700 square meters and 16 different personalized areas that do not go unnoticed by anyone. Relaxation, pampering, and attention that make the passenger forget, at least for an instant, that they are waiting for boarding in the next few hours.

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