Enjoying your stay in the Mumbai hotel

Enjoying your stay in the Mumbai hotel


Mumbai, known as the business capital of India is also a popular tourist spot. The tourists can visit many interesting places in Mumbai such as Gateway of India, Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Elephanta Caves, etc. It is a famous industrial center and a film city. You can enjoy walking on the sandy beaches located in Bandra, Juhu, Chowpathi, etc. If you are a visitor to Mumbai, then you should seek accommodation in Mumbai hotel. Some of the famous hotels in Mumbai are Ocean Suites, Leafio, Mogul Palace, etc. Most of the hotels in Mumbai are located in the center of the city and are closer to the airport.

The hotels that you should visit in Mumbai

Aflon Hotel

Aflon is one of the popular hotels in Mumbai that is meant for luxurious stay. You can enjoy staying in the luxurious rooms and enjoy the amenities when you are away from your homes. The types of rooms offered in the hotel are deluxe a/c room, Super Deluxe rooms, deluxe a/c rooms Super Deluxe rooms etc. In deluxe rooms, you can enjoy different types of amenities and it is 120 sq. ft. room that accommodates 3 adults. It consists of Queen Size bed and it is a neat and clean room. The different types of amenities that can be enjoyed in the room are newspapers, toiletries, laundry service, daily housekeeping, TV, dustbin, mirror etc. They can also enjoy complimentary breakfast services in the room. The hotel that is located in Andheri is known for its quality service and hygiene. It is a couple-friendly room.

Lemon Tree premier

This hotel is located near Mumbai International Airport and is one of the popular 5-star hotels in Mumbai. The different types of rooms in the hotel are executive room, deluxe room, premier room, studio suite, etc. The deluxe room is 269 sq ft and consists of a King Bed and a twin sized bed. In every room, you can at least accommodate 3 adults. You can sleep soundly on the King size bed. The premier room is larger 312 sq ft that consists of a King-size bed. If you want a large size room, then you should seek accommodation in a Studio Suite. In every room, you can enjoy the modern amenities such as wifi, TV, air conditioning, power backup, doctors on call etc. It is a great choice for travelers as it is located near the Railway station, Mumbai Central Bus Stand, Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus, etc.

Guest House

You can also live in a guest house located in South Mumbai. You can live in different types of rooms in the guest house such as standard room, ac triple room, deluxe room, quadrapule room, deluxe family room etc. You can enjoy living comfortably for some days in the guest house that provides amenities such as the air conditioning, free internet, doctors on call, etc. You can avail general services such as luggage storage, CCTV, air conditioning, fire extinguishers, etc. You can also avail special services such as paid shuttle, dry cleaning service, laundry service, masks, housekeeping, etc. This guest house is located near the Persian Darbar that is known for its best hospitality.

Hotel Ocean Suites

You can enjoy a luxurious stay in different rooms such as deluxe rooms, executive room, etc. In this room, you can also enjoy different types of amenities such as general services, room services such as smoking rooms, ironing services, refrigerator, etc. In this room, you can also avail different types of services such as doctors on call, luggage assistance, banquet, ticket and tour assistance, mail transfers etc.

Hotel Leafio

The hotel Leafio is located near the Mumbai International Airport and it is located away from the Phoenix Market City Mall, It is a large property built in 2007 near the Pawai Lake. You can enjoy eating breakfast at the terrace.

Mughal Palace

Mughal Palace is also one of the best hotels located in the Mandvi locality. This hotel is also known for its safety and hygienic conditions.

You can enjoy a luxurious stay in several 5-star hotels in Mumbai. All these hotels are meant for luxurious stay and provide the best amenities to the guests. The guests can enjoy different types of facilities such as general, room, and other specialized services such as massage, luggage assistance, facilities for disabilities, spa services, banquet, etc. You can enjoy the wifi facilities when you are away from your homes. They provide wheelchair for disabled people along with banquet and concierge services. They also provide salon services if you require. They also provide dry cleaning services and laundry services so you can wear the best clothes. If you want to buy an air ticket, then they provide paid transport services. If you want to travel by railway, then you can provide railway services. The hotels provide generalized services such as air conditioning, smoke alarms, multilingual staff, steam and sauna services etc. If you want to visit the pool, then you are provided with towels. The kids can enjoy eating meals in the special zone. They provide fire extinguishers in times of emergency. The hotels also provide wheelchair for the disabled people. If you want to wake-up early, then you are provided with a wake-up call facility.

During the pandemic situation, they are providing sanitizers to the guests and also the members of the hotel. In the hotel, they also provide masks to the people and hair treatment by the expert beauticians. They also sanitize the rooms every now and then to prevent the entry of various germs and microorganisms. So, they also provide dispensers for disinfectants and gloves for the guests to protect from germs and microorganisms. They spray sanitizers to the areas that are frequently touched.

If you want to feel rejuvenated, you can visit the spas for relaxation. They also provide bellboy services to the customers. They also provide facial treatment to anybody who wants to groom. When you are far away from your homes, you can also enjoy facilities such as full-speed wifi and stay connected with everyone in any Mumbai hotel.

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