How To Choose The Best Bean Bag Chair

How To Choose The Best Bean Bag Chair


Comfort and warmth are integral elements of our needs. How you want to lie on a comfortable bed or watch your favorite movie after another day of hard work. The furniture market is on the alert and is developing more and more each year. Sofas, armchairs, ottomans, rocking chairs are just a small part of what this niche can offer you.

Today we are going to talk about bean bag chairs and how to choose the best options. Let’s start!

Features Of Choosing Bean Bag

To begin with, what is this comfortable and soft appearing furniture? This is a regular case made of materials like oxford, leather or flakes filled with polystyrene foam. The advantages of such a product is that it is soft, convenient and comfortable, externally pleasant and certainly will not miss a single look from guests.

1. The Material

When choosing a bag chair, factors such as the material from which the cover is sewn, the design, the size, the presence of an inner cover and so on, must be taken into account.

The best material for the case is oxford. This fabric is one of the most durable and colorful, resistant to pollution and does not require special care. Leather is also a practical option for a case. First, the skin itself increases the image and prestige. Second, like Oxford, it is easy to care for. But even at a price, a product made of this material will certainly not be inferior to other bags.

2. The Size

When choosing a size, you must trust a person’s growth. If the height is up to 150 cm, consider chairs with a diameter of 70 cm. If you are up to 170 cm, the priority will be 80 cm. For 170 cm height, choose options with a diameter of 90 cm.

3. Chair Covers

An internal cover is required to shape the chair. It determines strength, practicality and security. Some time after purchasing the product, the outer cover will become dirty. And if Oxford and the skin can do with a simple cloth and detergent, then the covers of other materials will need to be removed and washed. And so that the filler does not have to be removed and transferred to a specific container, there is an internal lid that does not need to be washed and will hold the filler.

4. Convenience of the Chair Bag

It should be able to move it comfortably without requiring much effort. The product itself should bring a feeling of weightlessness, as if you are on a cloud. Therefore, the filling should be as soft and pleasant as possible, the balls should roll easily, giving shape to their weight.

5. The Best Views

A good option for relaxing in the country will be a chair bag in the shape of a lounge chair. The model is specially created for long holidays outdoors. The uniqueness of such a product lies in the fact that it can be easily transformed from a beach chair into a comfortable chair and, thanks to a secure fastener, the filling will not fall out of it.

It is recommended to choose a material that allows air to pass through. If the fabric is not natural, for example, synthetics, there will be no ventilation and, on a hot summer day, it will not be comfortable to use it.

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