Top Tricks to Ace CBSE Class 12

Top Tricks to Ace CBSE Class 12


Class 12 is often considered as a major turning point of a student’s life as it determines their path in the higher studies ahead. Since, all the students are now well aware that their Class 12 board marks also have a major role in helping them get their coveted engineering or medical seat, they are spending more and more time preparing for the board exams. What they need to keep in mind is that considerable weightage is given to CBSE Board exams scores.

Now, taking into consideration the context of Class 12 of CBSE board, it is seen that more and more students are looking for the most suitable ways to prepare for the board exams, so that they can score well. Now, the key to success lies in many aspects, such as the dedication of the students, the time invested for studies, the method used to prepare for the exams of CBSE Class 12 and more.

Apart from these, in this article we have listed some reliable and useful strategies to ace the exams. If the students follow these tips and tricks, they will find it easy to perform well in the board exams.

How to Ace in Class 12?

It is seen that most of the students in Class 12 find the board exams pretty challenging. However, if they study well and pay complete attention from the beginning of the academic year, then they will be able to understand all the complex subjects and also score good marks for 12th exams.

  • To start with the class 12 students need to have a proper study plan in place
  • The Class 12 students are advised to strictly follow the NCERT textbooks to learn all important subjects for the board exams
  • Students should be able to recollect all the important point and formulas at the fingertips
  • Students should practise all the previous year papers and sample papers to get an overview of the question paper design
  • Students need to have a proper idea about the marks’ weightage of each topic or subject so that they can plan their studies
  • Set daily targets and complete the portions on time
  • Make sure there is time for at least one or two revisions before the final exams
  • Students who are weak in some topics need to spend more time learning those
  • Analyse the mistakes as well as address the problem areas
  • Self-evaluation of the preparation level is almost as important as revision

A student who is prudent enough to follow these suggestions and prepare most efficiently for the board exams will find it easy to crack it. They can start by preparing ahead for the Class 12 board exams by CBSE. During the board exam, students must make use of the question paper reading time so that they can decide the sequence of questions they are going to follow. It is advised that the students should first tackle  the 5 mark questions.

Finally, when the exam nears students should remain calm and not worry too much about what they have learnt or not. They should write the exams most confidently, without much issue. Preparing well for the exams, will help them to face it fearlessly.

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