Party Wear Sarees

Party Wear Sarees


The nine-yard fabric, popularly known as Saree, has always stood for tradition and culture in Indian history. Tracing back its roots to the Indus Valley Civilization in 1500 BC, the modern sarees have become a global fashion commodity. Therefore, despite being hailed as an ethnic outfit, party wear sarees have become quite a hit among fashion enthusiasts.

If you also love wearing sarees and are looking for different styles that you can wear to your upcoming occasions, then stick to the end of the article as we share all the details.

Which party wear sarees should you try?

The glam and stunning silhouettes of the times-less sarees exude femininity and sensuality. If you are wondering which type of Indian sarees you should include in your wardrobe, here are some of our favorites.

1. Net sarees: Combining shimmering fabrics and striking art, net sarees are the ideal options for party wear. With the availability of different colours, patterns and intricate choices, you will be spoilt for choices.

2. Ruffle sarees: A stunning ruffle saree can make all the heads turn as you enter a party. They have easy-to-carry styles and are creating a rage in the fashion world.

3. Stripes sarees: Stripes are always in fashion; therefore, a striped saree must be included in your wardrobe. A classic striped saree can be easily styled and cater to different age groups.

4. Dazzling Sequin Sarees: What is a party without some bling? Therefore, a dazzling sequin saree is next on our list. With a solid colour or gradient-coloured sequin sarees, make sure you do not go overboard while styling, as it will diminish the exclusiveness of the sarees.

5. Ombre sarees: Ombre sarees can be defined as literal pieces of art. It is light and yet very fancy. With their changing gradient shades, ombre sarees make the perfect party wear sarees.

How should you style the party wear sarees?

  1. A look perfect for formal parties and a pleated saree can make you effortlessly classy. Wear simple solid-coloured blouses and contrasting shades, or add a designer blouse. However, if you are planning to wear a heavy saree on the design end, then it is best to keep the pallu open and the blouse simple as well. You can go for a strapless blouse in such cases.
  2. If you are heading out for drinks and want to jazz up the look, then you can drape the saree in a deep-cut style to get the steamy yet classy look.
  3. Another take on the styling of the party wear sarees can be worn in dhoti style. Wear the saree on leggings and add the correct jewellery, and you will be set to rock the party.
  4. To change the draping style, drape it around your neck instead of leaving the palluopen. You can try different blouse designs and accessorize the look accordingly.

There are different ways to party wear sarees. The key to looking good in them is to feel confident in yourself. We are sure you are going to turn heads. Also, make sure proper care is taken while storing party wear sarees.

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