5 Fun Ways To Turn A Grown-Up Into A Kid Again

5 Fun Ways To Turn A Grown-Up Into A Kid Again


We all have that one friend who just happens to be a grown-up. They’re like the cool older sibling that you never had. They know all the best jokes, they’ve got the best taste in music, and they can always tell when you’re lying to them.

But if there are two things that define grown-ups, it’s boringness and responsibility, so don’t let them scare you away.

There are plenty of ways to turn that cool older sibling into a kid again without ruining their reputation as an adult (or putting them at risk of losing their job).

There is always a tone of funny animals trivia questions that help you know more about the world that you live in. There are some amazing facts that will blow your mind. These are just some of the things that make a grown-up into a kid again.

Here are some activities we recommend trying:

Take Them Back To Their Favorite Childhood Locations

If you want to make someone feel like a kid again, the first thing you should do is take them back to their favorite childhood location. Whether they grew up in the city or on a farm, it’s always fun to see how things have changed over time and what has stayed the same.

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Take them to their old elementary school playgrounds where they used to play tag with their friends, drive-in movie theaters where they watched movies with popcorn and soda, or local amusement parks where they rode rides until it got dark outside.

Make A Pencil Drawing Of Their Cartoon Self

First, get some pencils and crayons.

Next, draw a picture of them as a cartoon. You don’t have to be an artist, or even a decent drawer (I’m certainly not), but it’s fun for both you and your friend if you give it your best shot.

Once you’re done with the drawing, show it to them in person or send it over a text message so that they can see what their cartoon self looks like. They will love this and will probably want to hang it up on their wall somewhere in their house or apartment.

Make A Breakfast With Food Shapes

Have you ever looked at your food and thought, “That looks like a smiley face.”? Or, “That looks like a dog.”?

Well, if not then you’re in for a treat with this fun activity. Simply take any food (or combination of foods) and create the shapes with it. You’ll be amazed at how creative and delicious food can be. Plus, you can use it as an educational tool for kids as well ,  teaching them about shapes while they’re also having fun.

Create And Do An Activity Bucket List Together

Have you ever thought about the things you’d like to do before you die? Your grown-up self has a bucket list, but your kid self doesn’t.

Well, it’s time for your grown-up self to make one for the kid in you.

The next time you’re with your child, start asking them what their favorite activities are. What would they like to do if money was no object?

Once you have this information, sit down together and decide which ones are possible or practical for the two of you to do.

Then get out there and start having fun. If it helps, write down each activity on a piece of paper and make it into a game by seeing how many items on both lists can be crossed off within a given amount of time (like one month).

Play Hide-And-Seek With Your Dog Or Cat.

A good game of hide-and-seek is a great way to turn a grown-up into a kid again. The good news is that this game can be played with children, adults and pets.

It doesn’t matter where you play this game, indoors or outdoors, for as long or as short as you want. There are so many great hiding spots throughout your home that it would be impossible not to find one.


There are so many ways to turn a grown-up into a kid again, and we’re sure you can think of some more. Hopefully, these five ideas will give you some inspiration to try something fun with your significant other.

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