Say yes to breakfast and dinner crepes!

Say yes to breakfast and dinner crepes!


Crepes are a convenient, affordable, and tasty treat to satisfy your cravings. It does not matter what time of the day you want them; you can have them for breakfast, as a dessert, dinner, or as a midnight snack.

Crepes are versatile, meaning they can be savory, sweet, and healthy. So there is no reason for you to be worried about gaining weight or indulging.

Moreover, you can make crepes with just a few ingredients.

Let us take a look at the ingredient list.


  • Flour (half a cup or 100 grams): you can choose any flour you want. If you wish to make a healthier crepe, use almond or oat flour.
  • Eggs (two eggs)
  • Sugar (about 1.5 tbsp)/ you can also use stevia if you want a healthier version of the classic crepe
  • Oil (1 tbsp.)
  • Milk (about 300 ml, or 1 cup and a quarter)
  • Salt (you will only need a pinch of it)

Crepes Cooking Time

Crepes require approx. 25 minutes to make.

Cooking Method:

  • To make crepes, you first need to preheat the milk for about a minute with sugar, salt and eggs
  • Whisk the ingredients together until they are well blended and foamy.
  • Slowly and gradually add the flour to the mixture while you are whisking to avoid any lumps.
  • Then pour the oil into the batter and mix well
  • Take a pan and grease it well
  • Turn the heat to medium and heat your pan for a minute before adding the batter.
  • To ensure that the batter cooks evenly, allow it to cover the entire pan.
  • Cook each side for about 20 to 25 seconds (depending on the thickness); the thicker the batter, the longer it may take to cook.
  • You will know when the crepe is ready when the sides change color, you’d want a light brown colour on both sides.

Once your crepes are done, continue on to make as many as you want.

For the finishing touch, you can add a filling of your choice. Some of the fillings that you can add are:

  • Ham and cheese
  • Turkey and cheese
  • Banana with Nutella
  • Cottage cheese with raisins
  • Meat with rice
  • Condensed milk
  • All sorts of jellies, jams, and spreads

Ham, turkey, and cheese

  • Ham and cheese are a classic savoury choice for crepes.
  • You will need to slice the ham or turkey into thin slices and add shredded cheese to them. Some people prefer mozzarella, but you can choose a cheese of your choice.
  • Fold the crepe in half and roll it up like a joint or a roll.
  • You can fry the crepe for a minute in a pan or heat it in the microwave for the cheese to melt.

Banana with Nutella

This is the most preferred filling for crepes. Take a ripe banana, either whole or cut into smaller pieces, and add a nice spoonful or two of nutella. Roll it up as usual.

Cottage cheese with raisins

  • An interesting choice for a filling is cottage cheese with raisins. This gives your crepe a sweet savory kick; the best of both worlds.
  • Combine half a cottage cheese and 13 cup raisins in the crepe.You can add creme or sour cream for a hint of flavor. And voila, your masterpiece is ready.

Meat with rice

Use half a cup of rice, half an onion, and one pound of meat, fry it in the pan till it’s cooked, then fill your crepe with this delicious filling. Now enjoy your treat.

Jellies, jams, syrups, and condensed milk

If you like a classic crepe with traditional fillings you will love it with jams/jellies/syrups or condensed milk.

How much you wish to fill your crepe with these is up to you, but a little does go a long way. Remember, your crepes are already slightly sweet as they contain sugar. But if you have a serious sweet tooth, then there’s no stopping you from indulging a little more.

There you have it: several options for your crepe, rain or shine.

Now, while most people say yes to the dress, we hope we have convinced you to say yes to crepes, whether day or night!

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