Tips to Choosing the Right Colour For Your Lip Embroidery

Tips to Choosing the Right Colour For Your Lip Embroidery


After eyebrow embroidery initiated the trend of semi-permanent makeup, eyeliner embroidery followed suit. Now, lip embroidery in Singapore is gaining popularity as individuals search for methods to save time and enjoy their daily regimen. Choosing the proper lip colour for your lip embroidery is equally as crucial as selecting a qualified esthetician to do the procedure; here’s how.

Nonetheless, you should keep a few things in mind before attempting lip embroidery. Firstly, this procedure focuses on improving your natural lips rather than completely changing them. Correctly administered, the therapy adds colour to the lips, making them seem healthier and fuller.

A helpful tip for lip embroidery is that you may get a few shades lighter or darker than your natural lips since it will not appear to be ‘fading out’ prematurely. You may expect the colour to remain for several years with the proper lip pigments. Consult your esthetician to see if this is possible for your natural lip colour.

Most people are unaware that lip embroidery allows you to pick many colours for a more natural finish while improving your lips’ appearance. Examine your lipstick, lip liners, and the colour of your lips (particularly where it differs) so that your esthetician may select pigments of varied hues for your lip embroidery procedure.

And be assured that even after having lip embroidery performed, you may still use lip makeup if you choose, and it will not harm the colours within your lips.

As with any semi-permanent makeup, it is crucial to remember that the colour may look darker than what you first select, but it will only appear that way for a week or so before fading into the actual pigment colour chosen for your lips. Selecting the proper colour for the lips is crucial, as it will be what you ‘wear’ for up to a year.

Examine Your Skin Tone

Start by examining your facial skin tone. Medium complexion tones go nicely with dark beige or rose pink, but mauves and plums complement darker skin tones. Not only your skin tone but also your undertones will play a role, and there are two for this factor: warm undertones pair well with orange or red-based tints like corals, whereas cool undertones pair well with blue-based tints like plums.

Determine the Hue

Examine your lipsticks to determine which hues you have the most of and which one complements your lips the most. Wear it and examine it in natural light to determine its accuracy. Take a photo to demonstrate to your esthetician whether it’s possible for your lips and the desired appearance. And yes, even if your hallmark look is chilli red lipstick, you can achieve this with lip embroidery. Indeed, lip embroidery may be a worthwhile purchase for your daily makeup regimen (think the time you’ll save!); the secret is to pick the perfect hue for your lips so that they appear healthier every day.

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