Should You Give Your Dog Turkey Based Dog Food

Should You Give Your Dog Turkey Based Dog Food


You will often find the presence of turkey on prominent dog food labels as the primary source of protein for your dog. Turkey is rich in protein and highly recommended for dogs that have issues with digestion. It has lesser calories over other sources of protein like chicken, beef, etc. It helps boost the immune system of your pet as it is rich in Tryptophan and Selenium.

Can turkey-based dog food be given to all dogs?

You may ask experts as to whether turkeybased dog food can be given to all dogs- their answer is both yes and no. Turkey has its share of benefits for your dog; it is highly rich in protein, phosphorus, and riboflavin and can be a homemade diet meal for your pet. However, the turkey you cook at home will have butter and other seasonings along with onion and garlic. This may taste delicious to you; however, for your dog, this turkey meal will be dangerous. It will lead to an upset stomach and other associated complications.

When should dogs be given turkey?

Turkey is a good low -calorie source of protein to feed your pet. However, the turkey meat should be the white meat and not the meat that has butter added to it. The meat should be stripped off of bones, skin, etc. The meal should be as basic as possible so that the digestive system of your dog is not hampered with at all.

Ask your vet for recommendations

If you are really keen to feed your dog turkey, buy top-quality tinned food that is specially made for dogs. In this way, you are able to give a turkey to your dog without any risks. Dog food is made for them, and when they eat it, there are no risks of infection or other complications. Ensure you ask your vet for the top brands in the market when it comes to pet food. Several brands make turkey dog food, and you should shortlist the most trusted ones for the health of your pet.

When you are buying turkey dog food for your dog, read all the ingredients on the label. If your dog is allergic to grains, you will find many good brands of dog food that are grain-free. Compare these brands so that you can choose the right product for your furry family member.

When you are buying turkeybased dog food online, ensure you check the reviews and customer testimonials so that you get an insight into their pros and cons. Your vet, too, will recommend some brands that you can test out. Most importantly, see if your dog likes it or not. With puppies and senior dogs, always consult their vets to check whether turkey dog food is beneficial for them. In this way, you can give your pet turkey dog food and ensure he/she is getting a wholesome and nutritious diet. You may rotate the turkey dog food with other meats so that your dog gets a change in food and does not bored with eating the same food daily!

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