5 latest trends for winter 2021

5 latest trends for winter 2021


We all love winter for the amazing atmosphere, holidays, and the general ambiance, especially in the month of December. And with a bit more than a month remained, it is time to prepare our wardrobes for this season. If you want to find more about the latest trends of the upcoming month, here are 5 of them that you need to know:

Bright colors

Although we are used to wearing colorful clothing only in the spring and summer, when the sun is up and the weather is amazing, with the whole world looking gray and moody, a bright colored jacket, sweater, or maybe some vivid trousers will create a contrast and will make you look more interesting this winter. Don’t be afraid to mix up different colors and patterns and you can also experiment with textures, for example by wearing a bright pair of woolen trousers with a cotton top. If you are not ready yet to wear a full outfit of radiant clothing, choose a central piece that would be the main interest point of your outfit.


Leather has been increasingly popular over the last few years and there is no better time to wear leather garment than during the cold seasons of 2021. The black leather jacket and trench are already the must haves for everyone regardless of their gender and age, but winter is the perfect time to try out other colors and designs, such as deep brown skirts or dark green dresses. These items look great when paired with fabrics like wool, so by wearing a skirt with a woolen sweater and some high knee boots you are sure to make a statement wherever you go.

Scarves with pockets

Scarves, especially the ones made of fabrics like Alpaca, cashmere, Merino, or lambswool have always been a necessity for the cold winter months, that’s why in order to make such a plain piece of material look less boring and dull fashion designers come up with multiple ideas such as interesting patterns, lengths, and details. This year, scarves with pockets took the show. Although not extremely practical, this small detail adds flavor to the design, which makes the overall attire more chic and in vogue. Find Celtic Wool scarves with pockets so that you can keep up with the trends.

 Quilted everything

This trend has been around for a few seasons, but it’s this winter when it has its peak popularity. Jackets, bags, sweaters, and even trousers, quilted garments will surely be seen everywhere once the times get colder. It can be a colorful, maximalist jacket with lots of small patches of different fabrics that will make any outfit stand out of the crowd or it can be a minimalist monochrome quilted costume that you will be warm and comfortable in for the whole day.

Fur bags

This trend is really not for everyone, so only the bolder ones of us can imagine pulling it off. But why not give it a chance? Fur bags remind us of the early 2000s and all crazy trends from back then, so these accessories will scream home especially for the ones who are obsessed with the Y2K aesthetic. When purchasing such a bag, pay attention to the way the fur looks, find one with shorter fibers that will keep its original form in any climate conditions, as you definitely don’t want to look cheap, regardless of how much the bag cost you.

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